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A few years ago I decided to start a new career as a performer. I used to be a biology teacher but couldn't face walking around in a white coat all day teaching children who didn't want to learn. Actually it wasn't so much the children as the system cause I think all children want to learn - they just don't all want to learn in schools. Anyway I now work as a Life and Executive coach. Work is perhaps not the right word because it never feels like work. I just love to see people grow and change. I love it when they peel of the layers of limiting beliefs and find their true self. And I make some great frends in the process. I've re-discovered my writing and have published two poetry books and now working on 2 CDs, a novel, a book of short stories and talking to someone about a collaoration on a film script. That should keep me busy for a whild. Oh and I do bellydance.
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Thursday, 3 July 2008

Cinnamon Cafe very sweet

It was worth the travel to Bridgnorth on Tuesday night. The first act - a fiddle and guitar band were great. Then we had a poet (Trevor) followed by a reading because the main music act couldn't make it due to illness. The music in the second act (by their own admission) was under rehearsed. Then it was me. I tested out some new poems and got a a really good response. I'll definitely use that set again and I got a good set of recordings too. The evening ended with a storyteller. Did I mention that they keep a good cellar?

Porn on Channel 4

'Do you know what kind of porn your teenager could be watching on the internet?' That was the question a group of parents were asked today for a new C4 series on how and where teenagers get their sex education from these days. Me and two other couples were shown a number of porn sites and asked for our reaction to them. Maybe it's my past life as a biology teacher or maybe I'm just out of touch with current thinking about what teenagers should know but I was not as horrified as the others. Most of the sites showed either people in various acts of intercourse or various parts of the body in close up. Only three of the sites did I find unacceptable. One because it had models who looked like they could have been children; one because it had an image of what appeared to be quite a sadistic act and the other because it showed someone eating shit. While the others were all in agreement about these sites I seemed to be at odds them over the others. Children - especially teenagers know far more than parents like to think; and mostly it is only out of respect for their parents that they keep it a secret. The programme is going to be aired as part of a series in September. I've been invited back for a studio discussion. That should be interesting.