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A few years ago I decided to start a new career as a performer. I used to be a biology teacher but couldn't face walking around in a white coat all day teaching children who didn't want to learn. Actually it wasn't so much the children as the system cause I think all children want to learn - they just don't all want to learn in schools. Anyway I now work as a Life and Executive coach. Work is perhaps not the right word because it never feels like work. I just love to see people grow and change. I love it when they peel of the layers of limiting beliefs and find their true self. And I make some great frends in the process. I've re-discovered my writing and have published two poetry books and now working on 2 CDs, a novel, a book of short stories and talking to someone about a collaoration on a film script. That should keep me busy for a whild. Oh and I do bellydance.
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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Blog has moved

I've now integrated my blog into my website at http://www.predencia.co.uk/ moving closer to an integrated me. Hope to see you there.
Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Lesson 51 - Review 1

Beginning with today we will have a series of review periods. Each will cover five of the ideas already presented, starting with the first and ending with the fiftieth. Devote two minutes or more to each practice period, thinking about the related comments. Do this as often as possible during the day. Try to do the exercises whereever you are, even if it's not quiet. The purpose of your learning is to enable you to bring the quiet with you, and to heal distress and turmoil. This is not done by avoiding them and seeking a haven of isolation for yourself.

Today's review covers the following ideas

1. Nothing I see means anything

2. I have given what I see all the meaning it has for me

3. I do not understand anything I see

4. These thoughts do not mean anything

5. I am never upset for the reason I think

Hard to believe that 50 days have gone by already, and that these ideas were so challenging at the beginning. I've not really been practicing these today, other than beginning and end of day. What's been with me constantly is an idea from lesson 42

'Nothing is lacking that is needed, and nothing is included that is contradictory or irrelevant.' It is my contant reminder that life is exactly as it should be for what I need to learn.

I haven't written much today, mainly because I didn't go to bed till 4 am today, was writing till after 3 and then needed to wind down a bit. Wrote nearly 6000 words and took the wordcount to just under 60000. It's looking very possible that the other 30000 could be written by the end of the month - but would need another few long nights.

Forgot to add my friend's link to her book last night

http://www.amazon.co./dp/B007B2EBA0 'Daddy's Girl' by Lucie Riley

More pics for grey days. (Enterprise Beach - Barbados)

Monday, 20 February 2012

Lesson 50 - Sustained by God

'I am sustained by the love of God.'

Here is the answer to every problem that will confont you, today and tomorrow and thoughout time. In this world you believe you are sustained by everything but God. Your faith is placed in the most trivial and insane symbols; pills, money, 'protective' clothing, influence, prestige, being liked, knowing the 'right' people, and an endless list of forms of nothingness that you endow with magical powers.

Only the love of God will protect you in all circumstances. It will lift you out of every trial, and raise you high above all the perceived dangers of this world into a climate of perfect peace and safety.

For ten minutes, twice today, morning and evening, let the idea for today seep deep into your consciousness. Repeat it, think about it, let related thoughts come to help you recognise it's truth, and allow peace to flow over you like a blanket of protection and surety.

What an amazing lesson, what an amazing day. I handled every situation in the knowledge that I am sustained by the Love of God. The dentist actully commented on how calm I was as he poked, prodded and wedged guey stuff into my mouth to take impressions of my teeth. I jumped the queue at the bank as someone showed me how to use the new machine that allows you to deposit cash and cheques and get a reciept. Tenant issues that could have been difficult were sorted very quickly, carpet cleaning was rebooked quickly and easily, and joy of all joys I wrote over twenty pages tonight, nearly 6000 words. It was just flowing like a tap. Completing the 90,000 words by the end of the month is looking tantalisingly possible.

Mind you, as well as doing these exercises, I'm also doing an hour of mainly ascension based meditation each day.

My friend Camella published her novel today on Amazon. Congratulations. Thought a lot about Barbados today, hence the bright flowers, as it was a pretty grey day here.
Sunday, 19 February 2012

Lesson 49 - Hearing voices

'God's voice speaks to me all through the day.'

It is quite possible to listen to God's Voice all through the day without interrupting your regular activities in any way. The part of your mind in which truth abides is in constant communication with God, whether you are aware of it or not. It is the other part of your mind that functions in the world and obeys the world's laws. It is this part that is constantly distracted, disorganised and highly uncertain. The part that is listening to the Voice of God is calm, always at rest, and wholly certain.

We will need at least four 5-minute practice sessions today, and more if possible. We will try actually to hear God's voice reminding you of Him and of your Self. Listen in deep silence, be very still and open your mind. Go past the raucous shrieks and and sick imaginings that cover your real thoughts and obscure your external links with God. Sink deep into the peace that waits for you beyond the frantic, riotous thoughts and sights and sounds of this insane world. You do not live there .

Repeat today's idea frequently, with eyes closed when you can, realising that you are inviting God's Voice to speak to you.

I was exhausted after all day at the theatre yesterday, but, as my body was crying out for exercise I went to the gym before going to the city centre to meet a client for a coaching session. Today's lesson wasn't particularly challenging for me, as I feel I already engage in practices that have been opening up the channel to hearing God's voice more clearly, i.e. meditation, deep breathing, prayer, and recently I've given up alcohol. I am working on being as clear a channel as possible. Today's lesson was a great opportunity to remain focused on listening. Coaching is such a wonderful occupation, because it forces you to listen to your clients, and, as they are also expressions of God, creates the opportunity to hear the voice of God directly.

While I waited for our meeting I did some people watching in the Bull Ring, particularly the children on the trampoline. Had planned to go to the storytelling cafe at the Ikon Gallery but was too tired. Listening to the body.

Novel a little slow today, but moving.
Saturday, 18 February 2012

Lesson 48 - Nothing to fear

'There is nothing to fear.'

The idea for today simply states a fact. It is not a fact to those who believe in illusions, but illusions are not facts. In truth there is nothing to fear. It is very easy to recognise this. But it is very difficult to recognise it for those that want illusions to be true.

Today's practice periods will be very short, very simple and very frequent. Merely repeat the idea as often as possible. You can use it with your eyes open at any time and in any situation. It is strongly recommended, however, that you take a minute or so whenever possible to close your eyes and repeat the idea slowly to yourself several times. It is particularly important that you use the idea immediately, should anything disturb your peace of mind.

The presence of fear shows that you are trusting in your own strength. The awareness that there is nothing to fear show that somewhere in your mind, though not necessarily in a place you recognise as yet, you have remembered God, and let His strength take the place of your weakness. The instant you are willing to do this there is indeed nothing to fear.

It was great to have such an easy lesson I thought this morning as I read it, especially as today was the performances of Romance is Dying. The run throughs and tech runs were nail bitingly close to the matinee performance, which played to an audience of approx forty. The evening show played to a packed house (the theatre actually oversold tickets and some people had to be turned away) All the actors really raised their game and put on a good show.

My peace was disturbed by a tenant not giving the correct notice, but not for long as I repeated today's lesson. My peace was disturbed when I found a parking ticket on my car when I went back a few minutes late to put more money on it. I repeated today's lesson. One person who'd booked to come to the show pulled out, I repeated today's lesson. I am realising that fewer and fewer things are disturbing my peace. I was also repeating yesterday's lesson, 'God is the strength in which I trust,' and the lesson from the day before, 'God is the Love in which I forgive.' Together they are a powerful set of affirmations, totally grounding and liberating.
Friday, 17 February 2012

Lesson 47 - God is strength

'God is the strength in which I trust.'

If you are trusting in your own strength, you have every reason to be apprehensive, anxious and fearful. What can you predict or control? What is there in you that can be counted on? What would give you the ability to be aware of all the facets of any problem, and to resolve them in such a way that only good can come of it? What is there in you that gives you the recognition of the right solution, and the guarantee that it will be accomplished?

Of yourself you can do none of these things. To believe that you can is to put your trust where trust is unwarranted, and to justify fear, anxiety, depression, anger and sorrow. Who can put his faith in weakness and feel safe? Yet who can put his trust in strength and feel weak?

Today we will try to reach past your own weakness to the Source of real strength. Four 5-minute practice periods are necessary today. As usual, repeat the idea, then spend a minute or two searching for situations in your life which you have invested with fear, dismissing each one by telling yourself:

'God is the strength in which I trust.'

Now try and slip past all concerns related to your own sense of inadequacy. In the latter phase of the practice period, try to reach down into your mind to a place of real safety. You will recognise that you have reached it if you feel a sense of deep peace, however briefly. There is a place in you where there is perfect peace. There is a place in you where nothing is impossible. There is a place in you where the strength of God abides.

These lessons are so very timely. There was much in my life today that could have thrown me off balance and make me feel inadequate. In addition to the four practice periods, I was constantly reminding myself that God is the strength in which I trust. Its amazing what an anchor it was.

I had a deep massage today, with some reflexology. I think from now on I'm going to include at least 15 minutes of reflexology in my treatment regime. It was very balancing, and much needed as I haven't had an acupuncture treatment in a while.

Ideas for the novel came flooding in, particularly where to end this first one and where to begin the sequel. Although I only wrote 2,500 words today, I spent some time working out the new structure. The words are flowing, and, had I not gone to the dress and technical rehearsal for Romance is Dying, I would have written more. Tomorrow I'm all day at the theatre, offering support and advice.

I watched the video recording of the Valentine day reading from Dare to Love, and for the first time could see the benefit of an audio book. In the meantime I'll record extracts for publicity purposes, especially as I spoke to Camella today and she said the articles in The Nation in Barbados are very tastefully done. She's been keeping the papers for me. So much to do. So much guidance needed. Now more than ever I need to put my trust in God.
Thursday, 16 February 2012

Lesson 46 - God is Love

'God is the Love in which I forgive'
God does not forgive because He has never condemned. And there must be condemnation before forgiveness is necessary. Forgiveness is the great need of this world, but that is because it is a world of illusions. Those who forgive are therefore releasing themselves from illusions, while those who withhold forgiveness, are binding themselves to them. As you condemn only yourself, so do you forgive only yourself.
Yet although God does not forgive, His love is nevertheless the basis of forgiveness. Fear condemns and love forgives.
Today's exercise is similar to yesterday's, three 5-minute practice periods. Repeat the idea with eyes closed, spend a minute or two searching your mind for those whom you have not forgiven. It does not matter 'how much' you have not forgiven them. You have forgiven entirely or not at all. It is safe to say that anyone you do not like is a suitable subject. Mention each one by name and say:
'God is the Love in which I forgive you (Name)
After you've applied the idea to all those that come to mind, tell yourself
'God is the Love in which I forgive myself'
Use the idea in any situation you feel you need to during the day.
I am overwhelmed by the power of this lesson. I was working with forgiveness with a client today, a major issue in her life, an exercise which we begun last week and is beginning to bear fruit in terms of finding some inner peace. I was feeling pretty chuffed with myself when I searched my mind and could find no-one that I really disliked. However, by the end of the evening I was personally challenged with one person, not from a point of dislike, but from a point of irritation. I'm putting it down to the fact that I was tired, which raises the question, can we only be loving when we are fresh and free from fatigue?
Physically and emotionally drained today, looking forward to my massage tomorrow. No brain space to write the novel tonight.
Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Lesson 45 - God is the Mind

'God is the mind with which I think.'

Today's idea holds the key to what your real thoughts are. They are nothing that you think you think, just as nothing that you think you see is related to vision in any way. There is no relationship between what is real and what you think is real. Nothing that you think are your real thoughts resemble your real thoughts in any respect. Nothing that you think you see bears any resemblance tho what vision will show you.

You think with the Mind of God. Therefore you share your thoughts with Him, as he shares His with you. They are the same thoughts , because they are thought by the same Mind. Where, then, are your real thoughts? Today we will attempt to reach them.

The three 5 minute practice periods will take the same general form as yesterday's idea. We will attempt to leave the unreal and seek for the real. We will deny the world in favour of truth. And we will also try to remember that we cannot fail in doing what He would have us do. Begin the exercise by repeating the idea to yourself with closed eyes. Then spend a fairly short period thinking a few relevant thoughts of your own, keeping the idea in mind. After you've added 4 or 5 thoughts of your own idea repeat it again and tell yourself gently

'My real thoughts are in my mind. I would like to find them.'

Take a minute or two to repeat the idea throughout the day.

When I read today's lesson (and this is only a small fraction of it) I really felt I needed a degree in gobbledygook, but I kept reminding myself that I didn't have to understand it, I just had to do the exercises. Interestingly, as the day went on, and I had to remind myself on a number of occasions that God is the Mind with which I think, I found myself questioning whether God would be bothered with some of the thoughts I was thinking. Would he let petty irritations go or would he give them valuable time? Would he let thoughts about insecurities occupy valuable space in His mind. Gradually I became more and more aware of when I was thinking ungodly thoughts, and let them slide on out of my mind. Two things happened as a result. 1) I let things go that I couldn't do anything about, and 2) I took action on things I'd been putting off for a while. There is still so much rubbish getting in the way of me being a pure channel. I hope today's exercise helped to clear some of it away.

Other things that happened today. I reached the 200 page mark in the new novel, 50,000 words. I'm really enjoying it now.

Discovered Dare to Love in being featured in The Nation newspaper in Barbados over the next three weeks. Hope my friends have saved me a copy of the papers.

I went to see a friend tonight who was watching a programme on childbirth while dressing her Maltipoo dog Luka in his Christmas hoodie and booties. I think she's ready for a baby
Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Lesson 44 - God is my light

'God is the light in which I see.'

Today we are continuing the idea from yesterday, adding another dimension to it. You cannot see in darkness, and you cannot make light. You can make darkness and then think you see in it, but light reflects life, and is therefore an aspect of creation. In order to see, you must recognise that light is within, not without. You do not see outside yourself, nor is the equipment for seeing outside you. An essential part of this equipment is the light that makes seeing possible. It is with you always, making vision possible in every circumstance.

Today we are going to attempt to reach that light with three 3-5 minute practice periods, similar to that used yesterday. Begin by repeating the idea with your eyes open, then close them and repeat the idea several times. Then try to sink into your mind letting go of every interference and intrusion by quietly sinking past them. Try to observe your passing thoughts without involvement, and slip quietly by them. If you are doing the exercise correctly you should experience some sense of relaxation, and even a feeling that you are approaching, if not actually entering into light.

The lessons are getting longer and more abstract, they are the beginnings of meditation and our connection to the light source. I've been doing ascension meditations alongside ACIM and feeling the benefits. I was more calm today (in fact someone at rehearsal tonight told Roger he thought I had a very calming influence on the group), even though there was plenty I could have been upset about. However, I focused on the things I can be grateful for. A great session with Lord Leon today, he showed me his estate documents and his change of name by deed poll, now that he's been accepted into Lorddom. His dad rang to ask me what it felt like being the son of a Lord. I laughed for a full minute. We did the new Usain Bolt Fass Class which nearly wiped me out!

Read from Dare to Love at the WWB Valentine evening at The Coffee Lounge. Sold the five books I took with me - could have sold more if I had brought more. It's the first public reading I've done from it. (See pic) It was very well received. The whole evening was absolutely splendid (ate a few more chocs than I should have done, but it is Valentine after all. No card this year. Not even e ones. I reflected on how, once upon a dark time ago, this would have upset me. In the light, none of this matters. Nice if it happens, OK if it doesn't.

Rehearsal went really well - everyone has stepped up their game. I'm feeling more confident now, as is Roger.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Lesson 43 - God is my Source

'God is my Source. I cannot see apart from Him.'

Perception is not an attribute of God. His is the realm of knowledge. Yet He has created the Holy Spirit as the Mediator between perception and knowledge. Without this link with God, perception would have replaced knowledge forever in your mind. With this link with God, perception will become so changed and purified that it will lead to knowledge. That is its function as the Holy Spirit sees it. Therefore, that is its function in truth.

Three 5 minute practice periods are required today, morning, night and somewhere in between that feels right. Repeat the idea, first with things 'God is my Source. I cannot see this desk apart from him' etc. Then with closed eyes allow thoughts of the idea to occur.

I read the first part of this lesson three times and it still didn't make any sense. Reading further in didn't help my understanding either. It was one of those lessons mentioned at the beginning of the text where you are encouraged to carry out the actions, even if the words don't make sense. Gradually, as I repeated the main idea throughout the day, I began to get a sense that, if I am part of God, I cannot see apart from Him. It began to make sense. I can't be separated from my Source, I cannot see apart from Him. It became less and less of a brain teaser.

I had an interesting discussion with my personal trainer this morning - in between the punishing arms and upper body work I was doing - about eating the right food for the part of the world you were born in. Apparently we are genetically predisposed to survive on the food grown locally. For instance, wheat is not a native food of Jamaica but corn is, as is yam, bananas etc. He's into eating seasonally, steering clear of processed foods, and eating for fuel and well being. All this because I sent him a food diary in which I was honest about the amount of coffee cake I was eating (it was just that one week - honest)

I could have had a much better photo shoot without the coffee cake. But all told, it wasn't too bad. (See pic above)

Writing slow so far, only a few hundred word today, but by the time I finished at 3 am last night I was up to just over 44,000 words. Aiming to get past 46,000 before hitting the pillow tonight.
Sunday, 12 February 2012

Lesson 42 - God is my strength

'God is my strength. Vision is his gift'

The idea for today combines two very powerful thoughts, both of major importance. It also sets forth a cause and effect relationship that explains why you cannot fail in your efforts to achieve the goal of the course. You will see because it is the Will of God. It is His strength, not your own, that gives you power. And it is His gift, rather than your own, that offers vision to you.

God is indeed your strength, and what he gives is truly given. This means that you can receive it any time and anywhere, where ever you are, and in whatever circumstances you find yourself. Your passage through time and space is not at random. You cannot but be in the right place at the right time. Such is the strength of God, Such are his gifts.

he idea for the day is a beginning step to bringing thoughts together, and teaching you that you are studying a unified thought system in which nothing is lacking that is needed, and nothing is included that is contradictory or irrelevant.

Two practice periods today, morning and night. Look about you and slowly repeat the idea, then close your eyes and allow thoughts relating to the idea to surface, don't force them, and if your mind wanders open your eyes again and begin again. Five minutes as close to waking and five minutes just before going to sleep should suffice, as well as frequent repetition of the idea throughout the day.

I've written a lot of text for today's lesson because it contains two very powerful statements for me. One that I had grasped from the first time (the lack of randomness) and one that hit me between the eyes today, (nothing is lacking) because, although I understood it on an intellectual level, today it went in on an intuitive level.

You see, I've been griping about the things I don't have, a publicist, a manager, enough time, enough money etc, and about the things that I was having to deal with instead of being able to devote more time to writing. Nothing is lacking that is needed. I have everything I need, and if I don't have it, its because I don't need it at this point. Nothing in my life is contradictory or irrelevant. Nothing. It's all necessary, all of it, for my growth. Everything I saw today, every conversation I had, everything I did I applied this idea to. Boy, oh boy, did it give me a different perspective on things. I had a much more peaceful day than I otherwise could have had, even when my son, for whom I'd cooked a birthday meal, was the only one who didn't show up!!

Writing went well today, just passed 43,000 words, 170 pages. Just over 100 more pages to go.
Saturday, 11 February 2012

Lesson 41 - God my travelling companion

'God goes with me wherever I go.'

Today's idea will eventually overcome completely the sense of loneliness and abandonment all the separated ones experience. Depression is an inevitable consequence of separation. So are anxiety, worry, a deep sense of helplessness, misery, suffering and intense fear of loss.

Deep within you is everything that is perfect, ready to radiate through you and out into the world. You can never be alone because the Source of all life goes with you wherever you go. Nothing can destroy your peace of mind because God goes with you wherever you go.

Only one practice period in the morning. Five minutes to repeat the idea slowly, then make no effort to think of anything. Just sit and let your mind go blank. After five minutes repeat the idea, and frequently throughout the day.

Most of my day was taken up with a photo shoot at the IKON STUDIO in Birmingham. Got some great pictures. In all that hustle and bustle and total attention on me it was great to be reminded that God is with me constantly.

I had to phone a friend as soon as I saw the highlighted line above, because last night, in the wee hours of the morning, we'd been discussion how lonely this spiritual journey can be. I had to tell her that we were forgetting that loneliness is a belief in our Source deserting us. I will never, ever, again talk about being lonely. I am who I am meant to be with, and when no other physical being is present, I am exclusively with God. How can I possible miss anyone when I have that kind of presence with me?
Friday, 10 February 2012

Lesson 40 - I am blessed

'I am blessed as a Son of God'

Today we will begin to assert some of the happy things to which you are entitled, being what you are. No long practice periods are required today but very frequent short ones are necessary, the exercises take little time and no effort. Repeat the idea every ten minutes, and then add several of the attributes you associate with being the Son of God, applying them to yourself. E.G

'I am blessed as a Son of God. I am happy, peaceful, loving, contended, calm, quiet, assured, confident etc, etc. If you're pressed for time just telling yourself you are blessed as a Son of God will do.

This is the essence of living in the attitude of gratitude. Such frequent reminders of the fact that I am blessed, and having to find ways in which I'm blessed reminded me, almost on a minute by minute basis, what an amazing life I have, and what an amazing person I am. It reminded me that I am so much more than what I have. Although there was a strong pull at times to describe myself by what I have, I stayed with the 'I am' statements. It is a subtle but very powerful difference. I found myself repeating the soul mantra - I am the soul, I am the light Divine, I am love, I am will, I am fixed design. Also the violet flame decree, I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires. I AM statements are so powerful, can take you to great heights when said in the positive and can bring you right down when said in the negative.

Life was not without its challenges today, but my I AM gratitude statements helped me meet each one with a smile. This lesson was a welcomed one, such a gift.

On another note. I wrote for nearly six hours last night, forcing myself to leave the keyboard at 3 a.m, as I knew I had a busy day today. Tonight I watched a Caroline Myss lecture on YOUTUBE in which she asked the question 'if you could achieve amazing things by being invisible, or could have vast material wealth by being visible, which would you choose.' The answer will indicate whether one is being driven by the ego or the soul.
Thursday, 9 February 2012

Lesson 39 - Giving what you've got

'My holiness is my salvation'

If guilt is hell, what is its opposite?

We have already said that your holiness is the salvation of the world. What about your own salvation? You cannot give what you do not have. A saviour must be saved, how else can he teach salvation. Today's exercises will apply to you, recognising that your salvation is crucial to the salvation of the world. As you apply the exercises to your world, the whole world stands to benefit.

Another four periods of 5 minutes today. Begin by repeating today's idea to yourself with your eyes closed. Then search your mind for unloving thoughts in whatever form they appear, uneasiness, depression, anger, fear, worry, attack, insecurity and so on. Apply the idea for today to each unloving thought you find.

'My unloving thoughts about....are keeping me in hell. My holiness is my salvation.'

At the end repeat the idea in its original form.

'If guilt is hell, what is its opposite.'

This is the lesson that first introduced me to the idea that you cannot give what you haven't got. As a result of understanding this, I stopped telling people I loved them until I could feel that love for myself. It's also the lesson that first brought home to me that all I ever need do is work on myself, because as I heal, the world heals too.

I spent most of today working on my websites. Each week it becomes a little less stressful. That could either be because I'm becoming more familiar with what I'm doing, or I'm thinking fewer unloving thoughts about myself, like how useless I am at technology.

During the practice periods I could not find many attack thoughts about myself or others. Could this be the beginnings of the return of the peace I felt on the first completion of the course? Maybe its a bit like muscle memory, when its done it once, it knows how to do it quicker next time.

I've been in full creative (writing) flow today. Can't move my fingers quickly enough on the keyboard. The story has taken a surprising turn.
Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Lesson 38 - I can do anything

'There is nothing my holiness cannot do.'

Your holiness reverses all the laws of the world. It is beyond every restriction of time, space, distance and limits of any kind. Your holiness is totally unlimited in its power because it establishes you as a son of God, at one with the Mind of his Creator.

The purpose of today's exercises is to begin to instill in you a sense that you have dominion over all things because of what you are.

Four 5 minute practice sessions. With eyes closed repeat the idea for today. Search your mind for any sense of loss or unhappiness. Identify the situation specifically, and also the name of the person concerned. Apply the idea like this:

In the situation involving.....in which I see myself, there is nothing that my holiness cannot do.

In the situation involving.....in which ....sees himself, there is nothing in my holiness cannot do.

This lesson completely blew me away today. When I first did the course I read the first sentence as 'reverses all natural laws' today I understood that it reverses all laws, natural and man made. It's all part of cutting through illusion, the illusion of Legalese, the fact that laws are not about truth, but about who can create the greatest illusion of truth. I was on a high all day thinking about this.

I went happily off to my first ever visit to a Japanese restaurant. The Merchant L'aise in Nottingham, a Groupon Christmas gift. The deal included a cocktail each, and was the greatest test so far of my tee totalling 3 months. I opted for the mango breezer without the alcohol, which just tasted like mango juice. Andrew had the lychee pulp and vodka one, and seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. I restrained myself from even asking for a taste. I ordered salmon and onion rolls and was fully expecting something wrapped in pastry a la Chinese spring rolls. What a surprise and delight to have the tiny rolled salmon and rice rolls with a sauce in which to dip them. The inside out chicken wings were also beautifully crispy - where did the meat go? I'm all for exposed bones, but leave a bit of meat on.

My main sizzling vegetables were very Chinese style but the sauce wasn't poured on till it came to the table and was delicious, Andrew's chicken was a little bland. Service was great though. Main down side was the temperature of the restaurant. Even the young girls on a night out with large glasses of wine were wearing their coats.

Amazingly, when we got back to the car, we had a parking ticket. Another illusion?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Lesson 37 - My glove is blessed

'My holiness blesses the world.'
This idea contains the first glimmerings of your true function in the world, or why you are here. Your purpose is to see the world through your own holiness. Thus are you and the world blessed together. No one loses; nothing is taken away from anyone; everyone gains through your holy vision. There is no other way in which the idea of sacrifice can be removed from the world's thinking.

Four 5 minute practice sessions with alternating open and closed eyes, as for the previous lesson. Open eyes apply to things, closed eyes apply to people.

'My holiness blesses this chair.'

'My holiness blesses this glove.'

'My holiness blesses this handbag.'

Closed eyes

'My holiness blesses John.'

'My holiness blesses, Jane.' etc

Throughout the day, repeat the idea as often as you can. It is particularly helpful to apply it silently to anyone you meet, using his/her name as you do so. It is essential to use the idea if anyone seems to cause an adverse reaction in you.

The last part of this idea was the most helpful today. It was quite easy to bless inanimate object, my friends and family, and people who wronged me in the past. It was much more challenging to do it instantly, in the moment, though it was made slightly easier because of the constant repetition throughout the day. One friend came up almost hourly. He is most truly blessed today - no hard feelings.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Lesson 36 - Envelopes

'My holiness envelopes everything I see.'

Today's idea extends the idea for yesterday from the perciever to the perceived. You are holy because your mind is part of God's. And because you are holy, your sight must be holy as well.
Four 3-5 minute practice periods are required. With closed eyes repeat the idea, then open eyes, look around and apply the idea specifically to what you see. Alternate open and closed eyes. Conclude with 'my holiness envelopes everything I see.'
I had an intensely high vibration day today, which began with my hour long meditation, and increased with each practice period. Today, everything seemed possible. The play is taking shape nicely, as is my novel. Clients have had massive breakthroughs and I ate a chocolate bar without any feelings of guilt.
I was wrapped in a holy blanket all day. Another day like today please.
Sunday, 5 February 2012

Lesson 35 - I am very holy

'My mind is part of God's. I am very holy.'

Today's idea does not describe the way you see yourself now. It does, however, describe what vision will show you. It is difficult for anyone who thinks he is in this world to believe this of himself. Yet the reason he thinks he is in this world is because he does not believe it. Today's idea presents a very different view of yourself. By establishing your Source it establishes your Identity, and it describes you as you must really be in truth. We will use a somewhat different kind of application for today's idea because the emphasis is on the perceiver, rather than what he perceives.

This lesson's full of mind confusing phrases and images. I had to read it twice to even get the general gist in order to do the first practice five minutes, which required me to search my mind, with closed eyes, for any descriptive terms I use about myself, both positive and negative. Then say, having thought of a situation that identifies the term, 'I see myself as..helpful, impatient, undisciplined, charitable, etc. followed by 'But my mind is part of God's. I am very holy.'

I was again surprised at how many negative thoughts I still have about myself (I see why the lady in the reading last week said I needed to work on self-esteem), but happily the -ve was outweighed by the positives. In the end though, none of them really matter because holy is what I am. That was particularly reassuring.

I move the novel on another couple of thousands of words today - still two thousand short of my target for this week. Will have to put in more time next week.

The snow is melting, I sat and watched for inside. Alas tomorrow I will have to get out there.
Saturday, 4 February 2012

Lesson 34 - A point of view

'I could see peace instead of this.'

The idea for today begins to describe the conditions that prevail in the other way of seeing. Peace of mind is clearly an internal matter. It must begin with your own thoughts, and then extend outward. It is from your peace of mind that a peaceful perception of the world arises.

Three 5 minute practice sessions are required to look at your inner world, with eyes closed, to find any fear thoughts, or anxiety provoking situations, people or events. You can tell yourself specifically,
'I can replace my feelings of depression, anxiety or worry (about this situation, person etc) with peace.

Today the temperature was well below freezing before the snow began. As the wind howled around my ears and the tips felt like they'd been bathed in hydrochloric acid I whispered 'I replace by feelings of resentment with peace.' After three goes, I felt surprisingly calm and was able to relax my body instead of hunching it against the cold. Call it mind over matter if you will, but I felt warmer.
Friday, 3 February 2012

Lesson 33 - Look at it another way

'There is another way of looking at the world'

Today's idea is an attempt to recognise that you can shift your perception of the world in both its outer and inner aspects. Devote five minutes to the morning and evening applications. Repeat the idea as often as feels comfortable, though unhurried applications are essential. Alternate between surveying your inner and outer perception, but without an abrupt sense of shifting.

I do most of my morning practices in my bedroom, so essentially I'm looking at pretty much the same things, and, I sometimes look out of the window, when ,unless there is some activity taking place, the scene is very often the same. YET, each lesson I do I see something different in the same things around me.

I used this approach to a situation I had with a friend who was not responding to my emails, texts, etc. I sat and thought, 'There is another way of looking at this.' Within seconds the idea came to me that there may be a problem with my friend's Internet, and to send the email again. I did, and by the time I got home there was a reply.

I had a brilliant session with a client where we used the lesson to uncover a deep seated fear that's been causing him some anxiety for a while. He was then able to devise a strategy based on real evidence not on fear (False Evidence Appearing Real)

The pages of the new novel are rolling slowly on. Chapter 9 page 110. Sales of Dare to Love ebook now stands at 14.

Pic is of illuminated fish at Oistins - Barbados
Thursday, 2 February 2012

Lesson 32 - We're all inventors

'I have invented the world I see.'

Today we are continuing to develop the theme of cause and effect. you are not the victim of the world you see because you invented it. You can give it up as easily as you made it up. While you want it you will see it; when you no longer want it, it will not be there for you to see.

The practice format is the same as it was yesterday, 3-5 minutes of outer and inner survey, plus immediate application to any situation that causes distress, i.e 'I have invented this situation I see.'

I watched a friend today in the middle of a massive emotional tornado, and really wished I could have help her see that the tornado was of her own making. If she were only able to change the way she saw the situation it would not have been as distressing. Inner tornado = outer tornado. This cause and effect thing is really quite sobering. It is the ultimate in responsibility. It means that if I accept this fully, that I can never EVER EVER blame my lack of peace on anything on anyone outside of me. I really had to remind myself of this as I rushed to get to my hair appointment, anxious that I may not get there in time, and would therefore not have enough time. Inner invention of scarcity is reflected as outer scarcity. This requires constant vigilance.

I am inventing an abundant world, full of adventure, warmth and love.
Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Lesson 31 - I'm not a victim

'I am not a victim of the world I see.'

'Today's idea is the introduction to your declaration of release. Again the idea is applied to the world you see within and the world you see without.
Two longer periods of practice with the idea for today are needed, one in the morning and one at night. Three to five minutes are recommended. Look about you slowly while repeating the idea, then close your eyes and apply the idea to your inner world. In addition, repeat today's idea as often as possible during the day. Remind yourself that you are making a declaration of independence in the name of your own freedom. And in your freedom lies the freedom of the world.

So ironic that I began to read 'Freedom is not just a seven letter word' last night. It reminded me that taking control is the way to squash 'victim mentality.'

When the pupil is ready, the teacher appears.