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A few years ago I decided to start a new career as a performer. I used to be a biology teacher but couldn't face walking around in a white coat all day teaching children who didn't want to learn. Actually it wasn't so much the children as the system cause I think all children want to learn - they just don't all want to learn in schools. Anyway I now work as a Life and Executive coach. Work is perhaps not the right word because it never feels like work. I just love to see people grow and change. I love it when they peel of the layers of limiting beliefs and find their true self. And I make some great frends in the process. I've re-discovered my writing and have published two poetry books and now working on 2 CDs, a novel, a book of short stories and talking to someone about a collaoration on a film script. That should keep me busy for a whild. Oh and I do bellydance.
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Saturday, 17 October 2009

When in doubt first consult your inner guide - and then have a reading. I did kinda know what I had to do before I went for the reading on Tuesday but it was good to have it confirmed. Basically the message was to seek legal advice and stand my ground. I sought legal advice which was indeed good advice. So I feel a lot more confident as to how to complete the statement. But at the end of the day I have to follow my conscience. In fact the reading was more focused on other aspects of my life - apparently its ok keep bellydancing. If nothing else its good for the figure.

So I went for my lesson on Wednesday afternoon and spent nearly 30 minutes learning how to rotate my wrists and another 30 minutes working on downward undulations. The lesson was over so quickly we didn't have time to add anymore to the choreography. Not sure if I'm going to be good enough to perform at the Hafla in December - though my teacher Dawn keeps assuring me that I will be. I've been using every spare moment to practice the wrists movements as they are the least embarassing to do in public. Had the gym to myself for a while today - mirrors galore so was able to go through the routine a couple of times. Then kind of undid a lot of the good work at the gym by going out for lunch at a fab little pub outside Melbourne. Can't rememebr the name of the pub but they've got huge wine glasses and lovely food. Worth going back just for the glasses. Discovering some of the beautiful vilages in Derbyshire - on the doorstep!!