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A few years ago I decided to start a new career as a performer. I used to be a biology teacher but couldn't face walking around in a white coat all day teaching children who didn't want to learn. Actually it wasn't so much the children as the system cause I think all children want to learn - they just don't all want to learn in schools. Anyway I now work as a Life and Executive coach. Work is perhaps not the right word because it never feels like work. I just love to see people grow and change. I love it when they peel of the layers of limiting beliefs and find their true self. And I make some great frends in the process. I've re-discovered my writing and have published two poetry books and now working on 2 CDs, a novel, a book of short stories and talking to someone about a collaoration on a film script. That should keep me busy for a whild. Oh and I do bellydance.
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Saturday, 30 April 2011

18 Miles

Some of you know I'm doing the BRMB Walkathon next Sunday (8th May) and have been trying to build up my distance. Walkathon = 26 miles around the number 11 circular bus route in Birmingham. I read somewhere (or someone told me) that if you can do 18 miles before the day your adrenaline will carry you the rest of the way. Choise yesterday - stay home and watch the Royal Wedding or go for the 18 miles while the roads are quiet. The latter won.

Armed with a bottle of water, a banana, apple and energy bar I set of headphones in ear at 7.39 a.m. I'd hoped to start a 6 o'clock but the bed was too warm. I went the 11C route starting in Erdington going on the Stechford, Yardley, Acocks Green, a bit of Moseley, Kings Heath, Cotteridge, Stirchley, Harborne and was just thinking about the stretch of Lordswood Rd that would take me into Bearwood when my legs said 'No More.'

I could have probably gone a bit further if I hadn't taken a 2 mile detour down Fox Hollies Road and all past St Peter's Church before realizing my mistake. I had to retrace my steps to get back to School Lane. I was a little miffed but the scenery was worth it. Other scenery well worth it was Swanshurst Park and Bournville Village. How amazing that some children go to school in that amazing building covered with wisteria.

Spring's such a great time to be walking. All those blossoms, and in the stillness of the morning, before the world woke up (about 10 o'clock) the birds song mingled with Alicia Keys and John Legend to create a new genre of music; twitterock.

I bussed it back to Erdington (about another eight and a half miles) and wondered how my legs would cope today. (5 hours and 40 mins by the time I stopped) It may have been the green tea, it may have been the long rest, or it may well have been the half bottle of Chablis and a good night's rest but they were rearing to go this morning.

I rested them today - other things booked. May have a go at that final stretch tomorrow. I'll be emailing out sponsor forms this week. Please support Birmingham Children's Hospital in whose aid we are walking.