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A few years ago I decided to start a new career as a performer. I used to be a biology teacher but couldn't face walking around in a white coat all day teaching children who didn't want to learn. Actually it wasn't so much the children as the system cause I think all children want to learn - they just don't all want to learn in schools. Anyway I now work as a Life and Executive coach. Work is perhaps not the right word because it never feels like work. I just love to see people grow and change. I love it when they peel of the layers of limiting beliefs and find their true self. And I make some great frends in the process. I've re-discovered my writing and have published two poetry books and now working on 2 CDs, a novel, a book of short stories and talking to someone about a collaoration on a film script. That should keep me busy for a whild. Oh and I do bellydance.
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Monday, 16 January 2012

Lesson 15 Did the sun really shine?

'My thoughts are images that I have made'

Today's lesson is really about the fact that we project our thoughts as images into the world, so we are not really seeing something 'out there' we are seeing our thoughts. I guess it's why ten people can see the same incident and describe it differently, because they are projecting their own thoughts on what they observe.

So, today I had to look around me, select something to focus on and say, 'This... is an image that I have made' It was easy enough to do for physical things like the TV, the bed, the vacuum cleaner, but I struggled a bit with the grass, the trees, the sky. I guess with the former I can easily imagine the objects being the product of some one's thoughts, but the sky and trees and grass were made by God.

I went to the High St and wondered if all the people there were my projections, like a director makes a film and then sits and watches it. It appears real, but he could go in and change anything in the film and when it's projected it will look different. If I am projecting the world around me then I need to picture more beautiful things, a brighter High St, less stressed looking people, more smiles, less frowns, warmer temperatures, more leaves on trees, bluer skies, (although the sky was splendidly blue and the sun shone bright today) Did everyone see it? Or was it only seen by those of us who made the image of sun in blue sky?

Such are my questions.